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Travel Sleeping Bags

Whether travelling by car, plane or in a buggy, your 
baby can be securely buckled into any seatbelt with 
our special travel sleeping bag.

When you are travelling, your child is naturally more 
unsettled. The familiarity of their Slumbersac sleep 
sack will help them settle in new and unfamiliar

The back vent allows the car seat or buggy harness
to be popped through the sleeping bags, between
the two way zip. Fasten the harness in the usual

The two way, front zip, allows simple adjustment
for babies comfort. On arrival home baby can be
transferred without effort from car seat to cot and the sleeping bag is used there like a normal baby sleeping bag

All our travel sleeping bags are rigorously tested to meet high quality and safety standards. The lining and outer fabric is made from 100% pure cotton for natural comfort. The filling is made from soft polyester fleece to prevent migration and allergies.

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