Tog Rating

Tog rating for Slumbersac
Baby Sleeping Bags 

Your baby’s safety is our number one priority. Sleep sacks allow babies and toddlers to remain at a constant temperature throughout the night and remove the hazards associated with blankets and other forms of bedding. All our baby sleeping bags have been rigorously tested to high specification.

The tog size determines the thickness of the sleeping bag and therefore how warm it keeps your child. The bigger the tog size the warmer the sleeping bag. Please follow
our recommendations below to determine which tog size is the best one for you.
The tog size mainly depends on the nursery temperature.

Tog rating

Slumbersac baby sleeping bags come in four TOG ratings: 

0.5 tog Tropical sleeping bags are completely unpadded and for use in very hot nurseries, hot summer months and summer holidays, suitable for room temperatures above 24 degrees

1.0 tog Summer sleeping bags are slightly padded and for use in warmer rooms 19 - 24 degrees; also ideal for daytime naps

2.5 tog Standard sleeping bags are padded and for general year-round use in rooms between 15 - 21 degrees

3.5 tog Winter sleeping bags are padded and for cold houses and room temperatures below 18 degrees

ensuring your little one remains safe and snug whatever the weather.

What should my child wear in the Slumbersac sleeping bag?

Every sleeping bag is dispatched with a complimentary room thermometer and a clothing guide to assist you when making baby ready for sleep time. 

The main factor when deciding what to wear is the room temperature of the nursery. Remember it is better to be cool than hot and it is quite normal for baby's hands and arms to be cool. Feel the nape of your baby's neck - if it is damp then your baby might be too warm.