Safe & sound

Safe & Sound

Your baby's safety is number one priority! Slumbersac baby sleeping bags allow babies and toddlers to remain at a constant temperature and remove the hazards associated with blankets, duvets and other forms of top bedding. 

In a sleeping bag, your baby can wriggle about as much as she likes without accidentally covering her head. Furthermore, a sleeping bag promotes a stable body temperature, and you can use different weight sleeping bags at different times of the year to ensure that baby remains safe and cosy at all times, neither too hot nor too cold.

When choosing a sleeping bag for your baby, you need to make sure that you get the right weight and size. The weight or thickness of a sleeping bag is indicated by its tog value; the higher the tog value, the thicker the bag. The general rule here is that you should use thinner sleeping bags in the summer and thicker ones in the winter. You can find more information which sleeping bag weight to choose at which temperature and what baby should wear in his baby sleep sack here.

Do not use blankets with sleeping bags because this might make baby too hot, and use a thermometer to check that the room is the right temperature

Every Slumbersac baby sleeping bag is despatched with a small complimentary room thermometer and night clothing guide to assist you when preparing baby for sleep time.

As well as the choosing the right sleeping bag weight, you should take care to select the right size sleeping bag for your child. If the bag is too large, your baby can slip into it and their head might become covered. Additionally, babies in sleeping bags that are too big will lose body heat more quickly. On the other hand, a bag that is too small will be uncomfortable and might restrict movement too much, which will lead to restlessness and less sleep for both baby and parents! Slumbersac sleeping bags are available in four different sizes, and are suitable from birth to six years old. For more information on sizing, see our detailed size chart.