Why are baby sleeping bags a better alternative to sheets and blankets?

Sleep sacks allow babies to maintain a constant temperature throughout the night, without the risk of kicking off covers or getting tangled up in bedding, while still allowing them to move around freely during the night. They are far lower maintenance for parents than conventional bedding and can provide security and familiarity when babies are staying away from home or moving from a Moses basket into a cot.

What ages are Slumbersac baby sleeping bags designed for?

Our baby sleep sacks come in four sizes and cater for newborn babies up to six-year-old children. For more information about sizes click here. 

Why do some bags have side zips and others centre zips?

Some designs do have centre zips on all sizes; however most of the smaller sizes have side zips which are designed to make for easy access when changing your baby during the night. As babies become bigger and stronger there is a risk they can force open the ‘snaps' at the shoulder so we use centre zips without snaps on size 3. All sizes of travel bags have a two-way centre zip to facilitate harness fixing. 

Why don't sleeping bags have sleeves?

Inside a baby sleeping bag babies move and wriggle, thus creating heat.
To ensure a constant temperature your baby ventilates though its head and arms. Having cool hands indicates everything is working well.

What's TOG?

The tog size determines the thickness of the sleeping bag and therefore how warm it keeps your child. The higher the tog size the warmer the sleeping bag. For more information about tog rating click here.

Could my baby become too hot?

As long as the room is a safe temperature and the right tog sleeping bag is used, there is no danger of children overheating. All our baby sleeping bags come with a complimentary nursery thermometer to help you monitor room temperature. Never use any clothing with hoods and avoid using additional sheets or blankets with sleep sacks. The only additional bedding required is a cot sheet. For more safety information click here.

How do I use the sleeping bag?

All shoulder snaps and zips must be closed properly, to ensure that your baby can’t slide inside the bag. We strongly recommend using your sleeping bag in bed only. Travel sleeping bags (with special facilities) allow also the use in car seats and buggies. It is also not safe to be walking round in a sleeping bag, as your child can easily trip and fall.
Keep your child at least a metre from any heat source, as the sleeping bag could catch fire due to the lose fitting design.

Do bags wash and dry easily?

Yes. All our baby sleep bags can be machine washed at 40 degrees and tumble-dried on a low heat. We recommend you wash your sleeping bags inside out and keep zips closed for washing and drying. Remember too, that for your convenience it is advisable to have at least two bags, particularly handy when it comes to unplanned night-time changes!

Do Slumbersac baby sleeping bags comply with the Australian/New Zealand Standard?

Yes, all Slumbersac sleeping bags are rigorously tested to meet high quality and safety standards and comply with Australian/New Zealand Standard for children’s nightwear AS/NZS 1249:2003.